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We offer these DISCOUNTS

  • DISCOUNT Support Contracts
  • Referral Credit DISCOUNTS
  • Allowance Fee DISCOUNTS

What is DISCOUNT Support Contract? Onsite Computer Service offers access to its broad range of technical expertise through a flexible combination of packages. These include a straight, time and material rate or a range of DISCOUNT. DISCOUNT Support Contracts are offered in 20, 50 and 100 hour blocks to cover various services required over a year time frame, and guarantee response times. A Senior Consultant is assigned to oversee project planning, scheduling, implementation, and progress reporting. Examples of services covered include:

  • 20 Hours DISCOUNT Support Contract
  • 50 Hours DISCOUNT Support Contract
  • 100 Hours DISCOUNT Support Contract

What is Referral Credit DISCOUNT? Advertising is expensive, and so we love to get customers by referrals from our existing customers, and would rather give back to our existing customers by way of service credits for sending business our way... So, we are glad to offer credit in the amount of 10% of new purchased DISCOUNT Support Contact as credit to your account when you refer someone to DISCOUNT Support Contract. The program works as follows:

Send us a customer and be sure they mention you at the time of signup as the existing customer who referred them; we always ask how new signups heard about us. The credit has no cash value and may only be used to offset service charges against your account here.  Referral credit is only available on referrals of users who have not had an account with us in the past year.

  • Referral credit is not available on your own accounts or subaccounts.

What is Allowance Fee DISCOUNT? Onsite Computer  does not sell hardware or software and therefore can remain objective in its evaluation and recommendations to clients. Onsite Computer Service compare a variety of vendors, prepares bid and proposal standards and conducts interviews. After a thorough comparative analysis of vendor pricing and capabilities, Onsite Computer Service recommends a vendor for equipment and services to the client under Allowance Fee DISCOUNT.  Many of the Allowance Fee DISCOUNT products are discounted over 20% to 90%.  Here are links to Allowance Fee DISCOUNT products.  Some items may not be available and the price may change without notices.  These items are only available to the clients who register for Allowance Fee DISCOUNT.  Please call (800) 895-0095 to register for Allowance Fee DISCOUNT.

  • Allowance Fee Software DISCOUNT
  • Allowance Fee Hardware DISCOUNT

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